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Medicines360's long and winding, $82 million road to create and distribute $50 birth control

Medicines360's long and winding, $82 million road to create and distribute $50 birth control

Drugs and medical devices rarely come from the nonprofit world. There are more than 2,600 for-profit pharmaceutical companies in the United States, but only three nonprofits have products on the American market.
One of them is Medicines360, which in 2015 became the first nonprofit to introduce a medical device — an IUD. Th ... (full story)

Investment scams are everywhere on social media. Here's how to spot one

NEW YORK (AP) — Social media is full of scammers promising guaranteed returns on investment, and consumers lost billions of dollars to them last year.
Troy Gochenour, 50, of Columbus, Ohio, was conned out of $25,800, including $15,800 in borrowed money, in a crypto-mining scam that began with a WhatsApp message from a beau ... (full story)

Stuffing the channel

Q. What's going on if a company is "stuffing the channel"? -- S.P., Biddeford, Maine
A. Something sneaky -- and potentially fraudulent -- because stuffing the channel involves inflating sales figures by sending out much more product than can be sold (perhaps by offering deep discounts and incentives) and thereby postin ... (full story)


Chlorine is a highly useful chemical that's also extremely dangerous − here's what to know about staying safe around it

(THE CONVERSATION) Many people encounter chlorine in their daily lives, whether it's as an ingredient in household bleach or an additive that sanitizes water in swimming pools. Chlorine is also used as an antiseptic, a bleaching agent in the production of paper and cloth, and to kill microorganisms in drinking water.
But this fa ... (full story)

Native American mothers whose children have been separated from them experience a raw and ongoing grief that has no end

(THE CONVERSATION) Native American mothers whose children were separated from them – either through child removal for assimilation into residential boarding schools or through coerced adoption – experience the kind of grief no parent should ever feel. Yet theirs is a loss that is ongoing, with no sense of meaning or clos ... (full story)


New book on 'whistle-stop' campaign trains describes politics and adventure throughout history

CRESTLINE, Ohio (AP) — From its earliest days as a village, Crestline was synonymous with trains. A railroad station inspired this northern Ohio town, railroad workers populated it and the passengers who flocked here helped it grow.
So it seems only fitting that a politician's stop in Crestline would go on to popularize th ... (full story)

A Black author takes a new look at Georgia's white founder and his failed attempt to ban slavery

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Michael Thurmond thought he was reading familiar history at the burial place of Georgia's colonial founder. Then a single sentence on a marble plaque extolling the accomplishments of James Edward Oglethorpe left him stunned speechless.
Within a lengthy tribute to the Englishman who died in 1785, the in ... (full story)

Appellate court upholds settlement dispute ruling

A Franklin County appellate panel has affirmed a lower court ruling to deny a Dublin homeowner’s request to enforce a settlement agreement with mortgage holder HSBC Bank USA.
In a 3-0 decision, Tenth District Court of Appeals Judge Carly Edelstein reasoned that all necessary parties had not entered into an enforceable sett ... (full story)