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Pay transparency is spreading. Here's what you need to know

Pay transparency is spreading. Here's what you need to know

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. employers are increasingly posting salary ranges for job openings, even in states where it's not required by law, according to analysts with several major job search websites.
Following new legislation in New York City, California, Washington, Colorado, and elsewhere, employers across the country are b ... (full story)

Stock prices continued

Q. What's the "index effect" in the stock market? -- R.J., Greensburg, Pennsylvania
A. First, understand that companies are routinely added to or removed from various indexes -- sometimes because they merge with or are acquired by another company, or because they grow too big or small for the index they're in.
The ... (full story)

Is ChatGPT Plus Worth $20/month?

Not even its own predictive text could have prophesied the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the form of ChatGPT. Bouncing from controversy to controversy, the OpenAI platform went viral with more than 100 million users in its first few months of public trials.
When OpenAI released ChatGPT for public trial in November 2022, the ... (full story)


Seabirds that swallow ocean plastic waste have scarring in their stomachs

(THE CONVERSATION) As a conservation biologist who studies plastic ingestion by marine wildlife, I can count on the same question whenever I present research: "How does plastic affect the animals that eat it?"
This is one of the biggest questions in this field, and the verdict is still out. However, a recent study from ... (full story)

Secession: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America

(THE CONVERSATION) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, wants a "national divorce." In her view, another Civil War is inevitable unless red and blue states form separate countries.
She has plenty of company on the right, where a host of others – 52% of Trump voters, Donald Trump himself and pro ... (full story)


EPA tells states not to block waste from Ohio derailment

EPA tells states not to block waste from Ohio derailment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently ordered states to stop blocking contaminated waste from a fiery train derailment in Ohio from being sent to hazardous waste storage sites around the nation.
A handful of politicians and states have sought to block shipments from East Palestine, including Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt ... (full story)

Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer train disaster debate

Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer train disaster debate

WASHINGTON (AP) — Soon after a train derailed and spilled toxic chemicals in Ohio last month, anonymous pro-Russian accounts started spreading misleading claims and anti-American propaganda about it on Twitter, using Elon Musk's new verification system to expand their reach while creating the illusion of credibility.
The a ... (full story)