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Supreme Court to consider giving First Amendment protections to social media posts

(THE CONVERSATION) The First Amendment does not protect messages posted on social media platforms.
The companies that own the platforms can – and do – remove, promote or limit the distribution of any posts according to corporate policies. But all that might soon change.
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear five c ... (full story)

Climate negotiators turn national self-interest into global collective action

(THE CONVERSATION) Global heat has seared to new extremes in recent months, and devastating climate disasters are providing powerful reminders of the costs of climate change, as governments around the world prepare for the 2023 United Nations climate summit that starts on Nov. 30.
While a small window of hope remains for meeting ... (full story)

Next on the United Auto Workers' to-do list: Adding more members who currently work at nonunion factories to its ranks

(THE CONVERSATION) Having negotiated "record contracts" with the Big Three – and seen the bulk of its rank-and-file members approve them – the United Auto Workers says its work isn't done.
The union intends to try once more to persuade the rest of the U.S. auto industry's workers to join the union.
&quo ... (full story)

Who can defend voting rights? An appeals court ruling sharply limiting lawsuits looks likely to head to the Supreme Court

(THE CONVERSATION) A federal appeals court in Arkansas ruled on Monday, Nov. 20, 2023, that only the federal government – not private citizens or civil rights groups – could sue to enforce the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
This decision will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court – but if it stands, it could gut ind ... (full story)

Meet Adult Guardianship Services Executive Director Carla Bayonnet

At the age of 13, Summit County native Carla Bayonnet spent her Saturdays volunteering at the former Akron City Hospital, delivering get-well cards, filling water pitchers and enjoying conversations with patients.
She said the overwhelmingly positive experience motivated her to pursue a nursing degree, which has empowered her to ... (full story)