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The problems (some of) with AI chats

Some weeks, I have not that much much to write about.
These last few weeks, it’s been hard to not constantly write about AI-generated chatbots.
Like, I want to write about Rhode Island putting all of their public-facing government docs on the blockchain, but maybe some other time.
At any rate, Google, Microsoft a ... (full story)

Large Language Model AI rapidly moving into the legal space

Several weeks ago, we ran a feature on how ChatGPT is not suitable for the legal profession. Yet.
Even though it appears clear, through testing, that the current chat AIs like ChatGPT are not suitable for much in the legal sphere, companies are rushing to create legal applications for large language model (LLM) AIs based on leg ... (full story)

House creates cryptocurrency regulation subcommittee

The new Congress may seem to be marked by lots of infighting, posturing and just plain weirdness but it has managed to get a few things done.
They are actually, formally, going to pay attention to cryptocurrency, FinTech, and that whole world with a subcommittee empowered to actually, I don’t know, talk about cryptocurren ... (full story)

Federal defense money dedicated for AI development

The 2022 annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), passed in the last quarter of the year, has money in it for developing artificial intelligence (AI) systems to aid the national defense effort.
Of course, artificial intelligence isn’t really artificial intelligence. I reserve the term “intelligence” fo ... (full story)

Startup Alley 2023 at the ABA TECHSHOW

Fifteen startup finalists will start up the 2023 ABA TECHSHOW by pitching participants for votes. The winner will get a few trinkets—but, more importantly, all 15 finalists will have major exposure to law firms and potential investors. So here are a few that look interesting (thanks to the great Bob Ambrogi, as usual). The 202 ... (full story)