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House approves antitrust bill targeting Big Tech dominance

<span style=House approves antitrust bill targeting Big Tech dominance" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House recently approved antitrust legislation targeting the dominance of Big Tech companies by giving states greater power in competition cases and increasing money for federal regulators.
The bipartisan measure passed by a 242-184 vote. It was separated from more ambitious provisions aimed at reining ... (full story)

Civil rights lawyer John Burris confronts police narratives

<span style=Civil rights lawyer John Burris confronts police narratives" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Before John Burris became the go-to lawyer for Northern California families grieving a loved one killed by police, the civil rights legend was a child suspicious of the Santa Claus narrative.
He didn't understand why Santa was white. He was confused by Santa's modus operandi — landing on roofto ... (full story)

Clergy strive to reconcile politically divided congregations

<span style=Clergy strive to reconcile politically divided congregations" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

One member of Rabbi David Wolpe's diverse congregation left because Wolpe would not preach sermons criticizing Donald Trump. Scores of others left over resentment with the synagogue's rules for combating COVID-19. But Wolpe remains steadfast in his resolve to avoid politics when he preaches at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.
" ... (full story)

Federal court finds 3rd Iowa ag-gag law unconstitutional

<span style=Federal court finds 3rd Iowa ag-gag law unconstitutional" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A federal judge has struck down the third attempt by the Iowa Legislature to stop animal welfare groups from secretly filming livestock abuse, finding once again that the law passed last year violates free speech rights in the U.S. Constitution.
The decision rejected the law approved by Iowa lawmake ... (full story)

Advocates seek more say in how opioid settlements are spent

COLUMBUS AP) — The tattoos on Billie Stafford's hands — inspired by street art and full of references to her work helping prevent drug-related deaths — have become an indelible memorial to the friend who inked them and the opioid crisis that killed him in April.
As a panel starts considering how to distribute O ... (full story)