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The State of Ohio, Portage County.

Civil Sheriff Case: 2017SH0000663OH672

Court Case: 2017 CV 00663

The Middlefield Banking Company


Shawn R. Bevington, as Fiduciary of the Estate of Harold H. Bevington, et al.

In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled action, I will offer for sale at public auction, "on the 1st Floor of the Courthouse, in the Magistrate Stephen J. Smith's Courtroom, Courtroom C” in Ravenna, in the above named County, on Monday, March 26, 2018, at 11:00 A.M. If any parcel does not sell (NO BID) or receive sufficient bid, it shall be offered for sale, on Monday, April 9, 2018 at 11:00 A.M. to the highest bidder no minimum bid, but subject to ORC 2329.21, relating to costs, allowance and real estate taxes.

The following described real estate, situated in the County of Portage and the State of Ohio, and in the Township of Mantua to-wit:


And known as being a part of Lot 33 in Mantua Township and further described as follows:

Beginning at a monument at the Southwest corner of Lot 33 which is also the intersection of the centerlines of Frost and Mennonite Roads; thence N. 0 deg. 12' W., 262.10' along the centerline of Frost Road and West line of Lot 33 to a point; thence 89 deg. 11' 53" E., 347.00' to an iron pipe passing over an iron pipe 30.00' from the road center; thence S. 0 deg. 12' E., 262.10' to the centerline of Mennonite Road and the South line of Lot 33 and passing over an iron pipe 30.00' from the road center; thence S. 89 deg. 11' 53" W., 347.00' along the centerline of Mennonite Road and the South line of Lot 33 to the beginning. Containing 2.088 acres of land, be the same more or less but subject to all legal highways, as surveyed in August 1995, by Edward J. Collier, RS #7141.

Prior Instrument: Affidavit of Surviving Spouse filed for record and recorded in the Office of the Portage County Recorder on June 15, 2016 as Instrument No. 201609188

Parcel #23-033-00-00-016-000


The sheriff's office nor any affiliate have access to the inside of said property.

Said Premises Located at 3619 Mennonite Road, Mantua, OH 44255.

Said Premises Appraised at $145,000.00 and cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of that amount.


If the Judgment Credit is the purchaser at the sale, they shall not be required to make a sale deposit. (ORC 2329.21)

Deposit required by Third Party Purchasers are as follows:

If appraised less than or equal to ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) the deposit shall be two thousand dollars ($2,000.00).

Greater than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), but less than or equal to two hundred thousand dollars, the deposit shall be five thousand dollars ($5,000.00).

Greater than two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000.00) the deposit shall be ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00)

The purchaser shall submit to the selling officer a Purchaser Information Form. The Plaintiff should have the form prepared in advance of the sale to present to the Sheriff conducting the sale at the time of sale. (ORC 2923.71)

The purchaser shall be responsible for costs, allowance and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover.

The Purchaser must pay balance due within thirty (30) days of the confirmation of sale. (ORC 2329.30)

DAVID W. DOAK, Sheriff

Portage County, Ohio

By: Roxann Boyle

ANTHONY J. GINGO, Summit One, 4700 Rockside Rd., Suite 440, Indepence, OH 44131, Attorney for Plaintiff.

Feb 22; Mar 1, 8, 2018 18-00047