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Nationwide study finds millennials confident about their finances

Of the three generations that make up the largest segment of the nation’s workforce, millennials are most confident they are in a position to protect their finances and investments should another crisis occur, an annual Nationwide Retirement Institute study found.
More than half of the millennials participating in the seve ... (full story)

Venture capital, explained

Q: What are venture capitalists? -- M.B., Whitefish, Montana
A: They're investors who often take stakes in young and small companies that need infusions of cash to help them grow.
Venture capital ("VC") investors will hear many pitches for their money, such as from entrepreneurs with startup businesses. When they d ... (full story)

Conspiracy theorists flock to bird flu, spreading falsehoods

<span style=Conspiracy theorists flock to bird flu, spreading falsehoods" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

Brad Moline, a fourth-generation Iowa turkey farmer, saw this happen before. In 2015, a virulent avian flu outbreak nearly wiped out his flock.
Barns once filled with chattering birds were suddenly silent. Employees were anguished by having to kill sickened animals. The family business, started in 1924, was at serious risk.
... (full story)

As owners return to work, dog trainers become busy

During the pandemic, adding a new furry friend to the family may have seemed like an excellent decision.
“I mean, after all, who doesn’t love a tiny puppy,” said local dog trainer Dara Fox.
However, as more people have returned to their workplaces, many of those dogs are exhibiting behavioral issues.
Ac ... (full story)

Some Ohio landowners benefit from spike in crude oil prices

Local motorists may be grumbling about higher gas prices, but for some landowners in Ohio, the increase in oil prices is good news.
Though most of the oil wells in Ohio are operated by out-of-state companies, landowners who lease property to those companies for drilling make money whenever oil is pumped from their land, accordin ... (full story)