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Bounce looks to help with high-tech manufacturing in joint venture

Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub and Cleveland’s Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) are creating a joint venture intended to help manufacturing start-ups in the area with all the large and little things that they need, said Bounce CEO Douglas Weintraub. The new venture will be called the “Iterator.&rdq ... (full story)

Big gains and a new broker

Dear Mr. Berko: We bought 1,000 shares of Torchmark at $14, and after two splits, we've got 2,250 shares worth $88 each. We bought 1,000 shares of Universal Display at $22, and it's now $121. And we bought 1,000 shares of American Tower at $23, and it's now $146. We have other stocks with good gains, though not so good as those abov ... (full story)

AP-NORC Poll: Many caregivers neglecting their own health

WASHINGTON (AP) — Skipping your checkup but not grandma's? Caring for an older loved one is a balancing act, and a new poll shows that too often it's the caregivers' health that's neglected.
The survey, by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found about a third of caregivers have gone without a rou ... (full story)

Movers of Earth

Dear Mr. Berko: I'm an officer at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where a group of us reads and discusses your column each week. Early this year, you wrote an interesting column about H&E Equipment Services. When I crunched the data in February, it looked strong on my technical charts. I bought 300 shares at $36, and in a short tim ... (full story)

Cincinnati Zoo hosts world's oldest white lions

CINCINNATI (AP) — The gray squirrel's tail darts between the tree's roots. The movements are small, slight.
Just a flick of fur.
But even this subtle movement does not go unnoticed by a top predator. Not by the King of the Jungle.
Not, especially, by this rare, remarkable white lioness who stalks in the green grass, n ... (full story)