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Akron Bar welcomes new president, Barberton-style

Akron Bar welcomes new president, Barberton-style

Typically, the Akron Bar Association’s Annual Meeting is a formal, sit-down event held inside at a banquet hall.
But the past year was anything but typical, so Executive Director C. Allen Nichols and the rest of the Akron Bar staff wanted this year’s meeting to reflect that.
So on June 24, more than 170 associat ... (full story)

We work with dangerous pathogens in a downtown Boston biocontainment lab – here's why you can feel safe about our research

(THE CONVERSATION) Microbiologist Ronald Corley has gone to work every day throughout the pandemic as director of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories. Within this secure lab facility in Boston, scientists study pathogens as diverse as tuberculosis, Ebola virus, yellow fever virus and Zika virus. Many investigators ... (full story)

9th District reverses Goodyear shareholder suit ruling

A group of shareholders sued 14 current and former directors and officers of Goodyear Rubber & Tire Company for allegedly concealing safety issues related to the company’s G159 tire.
The Steven A. Ettinger Inc. Profit Sharing Plan alleged Goodyear executives breached their fiduciary duties, engaged in fraudulent conduc ... (full story)


Acclaim, fundraising spread unevenly among Black colleges

Acclaim, fundraising spread unevenly among Black colleges

ATLANTA (AP) — Two recent high-profile faculty appointments could be a fundraising and enrollment bonanza for Howard University, one of the nation's most prestigious Black colleges. Many other Black schools are not so fortunate; in fact, many are struggling.
Some, especially smaller private colleges, have been fighting fo ... (full story)


Refining your firm Facebook presence

Well, I haven’t written about law firm Facebook pages for a while.
So why not now?
Yes, Facebook is a mess. But it has almost 3 billion active users and there are uncountable millions who spend hours a day on the platform.
So if you are going to have a firm Facebook presence—and you should—here are a ... (full story)