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Column: From Greece, with love (and tree sap)

This summer I joined my family on a Greek odyssey. My wife is a second-generation Greek American, and this was a great opportunity for our kids, ages 9 and 11, to experience their cultural heritage on a deep level.
Ironically, by leaving my work (and country) behind and immersing myself in the history and culture of the Greek peo ... (full story)

Aging voting machines threaten election integrity

(THE CONVERSATION) Imagine you went to your basement and dusted off the laptop or mobile phone that you used in 2002. What would happen if you tried to turn it on? We don’t have to guess. Around the country this election year, people are going into storage, pulling out computers that date back to 2002 and asking us to vote on ... (full story)

The Senate filibuster explained – and why it should be allowed to die

(THE CONVERSATION) Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the latest Democrat to argue an arcane Senate rule governing debate stands in the way of passing a progressive agenda, such as meaningful gun control.
The procedure, known as the filibuster, allows a 41-vote minority in the Senate to block legislation. Its power has been steadily erodi ... (full story)


The three faces of resistance

Back in a Feb. 4 column, Eccentric Muscle Contractions, I talked about one particular type of resistance training, isotonic, and one particular type of muscular contraction, eccentric. Well, in today’s column I’d like to add a couple of the lesser known types of resistance training to the group, isometric and isokinetic, ... (full story)

Strip sack: Browns star Garrett poses nude, set to dominate

Strip sack: Browns star Garrett poses nude, set to dominate

BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Myles Garrett keeps a list of goals. Posing nude on rocks in the California desert was never one of them.
He checked it off anyway.
At the urging of his mother, Audrey, and some friends, the Browns' star defensive end was photographed for ESPN's "Body Issue," displaying the chiseled, 6-foot-4 ... (full story)


Morgan Spurlock takes a second bite of the fast food world

Morgan Spurlock takes a second bite of the fast food world

NEW YORK (AP) — Last time out, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock ate only fast food for a month. This time, he's the one dishing out the fried stuff.
Spurlock has gone from being an avid Big Mac consumer in "Super Size Me" to serving his own chicken sandwiches in "Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!" &mda ... (full story)

Settlement money won't restore Ohio city upended by opioids

Settlement money won't restore Ohio city upended by opioids

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — The tentative settlement involving the opioid crisis and the maker of OxyContin could mean that thousands of local governments will one day be paid back for some of the costs of responding to the epidemic.
But for public officials in Akron, no amount of money will restore the families and institutions tha ... (full story)

Cleveland DR court creates free app for easy, on-the-go information

A Cleveland court is using cutting-edge technology to bring the courtroom closer to the hands of litigants and attorneys.
Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Judge Francine Goldberg spearheaded the development of CourtConnect – a free mobile app that users can download directly.
CourtConnect gives families immediate acces ... (full story)