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AP Sources: Browns to acquire star receiver Beckham from NY

CLEVELAND (AP) — Odell Beckham Jr. is about to run a deep route out of New Jersey — straight to Cleveland.
The superstar wide receiver is bound for the Browns to be a target for quarterback Baker Mayfield as the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade, two people familiar with the deal told The Associated Press on Tuesday ... (full story)

Come on guys––work those legs

I’ve been frequenting fitness facilities for longer than I care to remember. And a lot has changed since I first walked into a gym environment back in my college days.
About the only thing that hasn’t changed inside the gym are all the guys pounding themselves into submission from the waist up…while giving onl ... (full story)

Like Mike: LeBron overwhelmed after passing Jordan, his hero

Like Mike: LeBron overwhelmed after passing Jordan, his hero

LOS ANGELES (AP) — From the very first day LeBron James picked up a basketball, he wanted to be like Mike.
James and his closest friends idolized Michael Jordan while they grew up together on Akron's competitive playgrounds and tough streets. As James grew into a tantalizing basketball prospect capable of jumping from high ... (full story)


Free speech defender challenges 'dark money'

Near-hysterical charges lobbed at dark money are nothing new to the political scene during a given even-yeared election since the U.S. Supreme Court's holding in the Citizens United case in 2010.
Democrat rising star New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only last fall made a big noise about dark money and how unfair it is for u ... (full story)

Legislation proposes police interaction be included in Ohio driver's education

A senate plan calls for Ohio high school kids to be taught how to properly manage interactions with police during a standard traffic stop.
The bill's sponsor, Sen. Sandra Williams, D-Cleveland, said a program modeled after the Texas Community Safety Education Act would eliminate unnecessary obstruction charges and protect civilia ... (full story)

Wayne Township residents can contest zoning change at ballot box

The Warren County Board of Elections can place a Wayne Township rezoning referendum on the May 7 ballot regarding a proposed 42-acre housing development, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled today.
The Supreme Court unanimously rejected a challenge to the referendum by landowners John and Sherry Federle. The couple argued the property on ... (full story)

Federal appeals court OKs Ohio law aimed at abortion funding

Federal appeals court OKs Ohio law aimed at abortion funding

CINCINNATI (AP) — A divided federal appeals court Tuesday upheld an Ohio anti-abortion law that blocks public money for Planned Parenthood.
The full 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower federal court ruling. The Ohio law targeted funding that Planned Parenthood receives through the state's health department. T ... (full story)

UN: Environment is deadly, worsening mess, but not hopeless

UN: Environment is deadly, worsening mess, but not hopeless

WASHINGTON (AP) — Earth is sick with multiple and worsening environmental ills killing millions of people yearly, a new U.N. report says.
Climate change, a global major extinction of animals and plants, a human population soaring toward 10 billion, degraded land, polluted air, and plastics, pesticides and hormone-changing c ... (full story)

Public comment period opens on change to out-of-state-attorney admission rule

The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comment until April 10 on a proposed amendment that would allow attorneys who passed another state’s bar exam to practice law in Ohio while their requests to be admitted to the Ohio bar without examination are pending.
Currently, when attorneys admitted to practice exclusively outsi ... (full story)