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Akron Municipal Court Clerk discusses goals for new term

For the past 20 years, Akron Municipal Court Clerk Jim Laria has worked to upgrade the court’s technology and services, but as he embarks on his fourth full term he said there’s still much to be done.
“I decided to run for another term because there are a number of things I want to finish before I go,” sa ... (full story)

Application and use of prejudgment attachment proceedings

Do you often represent plaintiffs with a worry that the defendant may disburse, convert, or conceal property and assets so as to become uncollectable on a future judgment? Do you wish there was a way to attach property or freeze assets in order to ensure a defendant’s collectability?
Prejudgment attachment is a remedy that ... (full story)

Memorial set for longtime Akron attorney

A memorial service is being held on March 10 to remember longtime Akron attorney Lee Clarke Davies.
Davies passed away on Dec. 14, 2017 after a brief illness at the age of 88.
“My father had a big heart and he believed in helping the underserved,” said his daughter Elizabeth Davies, deputy attorney general in the N ... (full story)

New Youngstown mayor working to change city’s perception

New Youngstown mayor working to change city’s perception<BR>

Jamael “Tito” Brown grew up on the north side of Youngstown in a single-parent home.
His father spent most of his life in and out of prison.
He was 17 when his first son was born.
But Brown, now 46, was determined to rise above his rough start in life.
“I’m the man I am today because I had to gro ... (full story)

Law Bulletin column: Your arbitrator is not an arbi-traitor

Most mediators would poke themselves in the eye six times before having to handle an arbitration. Arbitrations are widely seen as business-killers.
Mediations usually end well. The parties make their own decisions and control their fate. Usually, parties leave reasonably satisfied. Sometimes everyone is actually happy. No one mad ... (full story)