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The 'first scientist's' 800-year-old tonic for what ails us: The truth

(THE CONVERSATION) It seems that science has been taking a beating lately. From decades of denial by the tobacco industry that smoking causes cancer to more recent attempts to use the COVID-19 pandemic to score political points, a presumption seems to have taken root that it is okay to seek and speak the truth only when it suits per ... (full story)

The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots

(THE CONVERSATION) The coronavirus pandemic has set off a global gardening boom.
In the early days of lockdown, seed suppliers were depleted of inventory and reported "unprecedented" demand. Within the U.S., the trend has beencompared to World War II victory gardening, when Americans grew food at home to support the wa ... (full story)

Attorneys advise employers on work-from-home policies

With a large number of employees working from home at least part of the time, attorneys are advising employers to develop formal written policies, which detail rules and expectations.
As Karen Adinolfi, a shareholder at Roetzel & Andress explains, while telecommuting is nothing new, the recent stay-at-home orders issued to h ... (full story)

9th District upholds Medina County juvenile’s murder sentence

The 9th District Court of Appeals has affirmed a Medina County judge’s life sentence in the case of a juvenile convicted of killing a 98-year-old woman after breaking into her Wadsworth home.
Gavon Ramsay was 17 when he strangled the sleeping woman. He then abused her corpse before stuffing it into a hall closet. A few wee ... (full story)

Meat plants weigh risks of prosecution if blamed for spreading infection

(THE CONVERSATION) Tyson Foods recently suspended production at its Waterloo, Iowa, pork processing plant due to a growing coronavirus outbreak among employees. The plant was Tyson's largest, employing some 2,800 workers and processing 19,500 pigs a day. At least 180 confirmed infections originated from the plant, about half of all ... (full story)