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Lawmakers call YouTube Kids a 'wasteland of vapid' content

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House subcommittee is investigating YouTube Kids, saying the Google-owned video service feeds children inappropriate material in "a wasteland of vapid, consumerist content" so it can serve them ads.
The inquiry comes despite Google agreeing to pay $170 million in 2019 to settle allegations that YouTube collected per ... (full story)

High court sides with Google in copyright fight with Oracle

WASHINGTON (AP) — Technology companies sighed with relief Monday after the Supreme Court sided with Google in a copyright dispute with Oracle. The high court said Google did nothing wrong in copying code to develop the Android operating system now used on most smartphones.
To create Android, which was released in 2007, Goo ... (full story)

Biofuels producers, farmers not sold on switch to electric

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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The president and auto industry maintain the nation is on the cusp of a gigantic shift to electric vehicles and away from liquid-fueled cars, but biofuels producers and some of their supporters in Congress aren't buying it. They argue that now is the time to increase sales of ethanol and biodiesel, not ... (full story)

As states expand vaccines, prisoners still lack access

Recently Florida expanded eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines to all residents 16 and older. But across the state, more than 70,000 people still don't have access to the vaccine. Those men and women are Florida state prisoners.
More than half the country has opened up vaccine eligibility, vastly expanding the ability for most Amer ... (full story)

Ohio GOP lieutenant governor faces political test over tweet

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COLUMBUS (AP) — Warming up a crowd with a joke is a trick of the political trade. Republican Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted had, no doubt, used the technique successfully dozens of times before.
But one day last September, it was going very badly.
Husted, 53, was back in southwest Ohio, where he had spent decades as a colleg ... (full story)