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Ohio man digs into past to create serpent mound in his yard

COLUMBUS (AP) — As the son of a Norwegian and a Swede, Donn Young knows all about Norse mythology.
Soon, his neighbors will, too.
Young has spent this fall building an earthen version of Jormungandr, the Midgard serpent, in his front yard.
After all, Young lives on Midgard Road in Clintonville.
"Midgard was wh ... (full story)

Ohio Supreme Court suspends former Niles law director

The recently retired Niles city law director was suspended for two years, with one year stayed, by the Ohio Supreme Court recently for professional misconduct associated with the private law practice he maintained in conjunction with his public office.
A unanimous Supreme Court found J. Terrence Dull violated several rules govern ... (full story)

Supreme Court finds Sidney man engaged in unauthorized practice of law

The Ohio Supreme Court recently decided that a Sidney man engaged in the unauthorized practice of law when he told a debt collector for the Ohio attorney general that he was the “authorized representative” of another person and demanded the collector pay his client $100,000.
A unanimous Supreme Court found Ned K. Schr ... (full story)

Disaster relief bill advances in Senate, raises constitutional question

A House bill devised to make it easier for out-of-state businesses and employees to come to the aid of Ohioans during a disaster landed a first hearing recently before Senate committee members, who presumably will have to address a constitutional defect.
Rep. Scott Ryan, a Newark Republican, offered sponsor testimony of his propo ... (full story)

Political activism and the workplace

In the age of social media and viral videos, an employee's involvement in protests or other forms of political expression is unlikely to escape the attention of his employer. What happen​s when politics and business collide? In this column, attorney Jill McQueen provides guidance to employees and employers alike.
McQueen's ... (full story)