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Online privacy in 10 minutes, four easy steps

Massive data breaches probably can’t be prevented and people’s personal data that is stored on the unknown servers of big companies are constantly compromised. Nothing much an individual can do about it.
But your own personal data is another story. Particularly for members of the legal profession, personal, profession ... (full story)

Tech support scams: Those supposed to save you can steal from you

Tech support. They come to the rescue when computer systems are down or are not working correctly. Sure, they may not speak English as clearly as some people might like, but they can usually help.
Unless, that is, the tech support on the phone or on the computer is a scam. While posing as tech help, the scammer rips you off in nu ... (full story)

OHIO can solve inbox overcrowding

I have never written an article on “the demise of email” because I never thought that it was in demise. And, in fact, it isn’t. According to a study on the website Statista, the number of emails sent worldwide is increasing by 10 billion per day each year. There were 281.1 billion emails sent and received in 2018, ... (full story)

Survey: Lawyers around the world unprepared for new tech

Another day, another survey showing how little even a basic understanding of technology has been absorbed by the legal world.
This time, a Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory-conducted survey of 700 lawyers around the world called “The Future Ready Lawyer,” found that only about a third of them feel that their ... (full story)

The Akron Muni Court was hacked, too

When the city of Akron was hacked and their computer system was shut down at the end of January, one little-reported effect of the cyberattack was on the municipal court’s system. The court’s computers are a part of the city’s system, and the attack affected the court in the same way that it affected the rest of th ... (full story)