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Eight steps to automating your firm

This column has covered any number of apps designed to automate aspects of a law practice, but the ABA Journal has been kind enough to gather a few of them in one place, so I’ll rinse and repeat them.
Cool thing here is author David Britton has gathered apps together that make a small office look larger, while at the same t ... (full story)

SCOTUS to hear Ohio cell phone privacy case

The clash between old laws and new technology, filtered through the Fourth Amendment, will come into focus in a late November case before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Carpenter v. United States, Docket No. 16-402 (6th Circuit, 819 F.3d 880) centers around a criminal conviction for crimes committed in Ohio and Michigan by one Timothy C ... (full story)

Phones are extremely vulnerable to hacks, too

You’ve spent enormous time and money securing your data from intruders. So now your computer systems are safe, right?
Well, you’re not home free yet.
There has been an easily-exploitable vulnerability in phone systems for many years and hackers have been exploiting it to hack phones through text messaging. This ha ... (full story)

The ABA wants you to secure your email

With all of the emphasis on securing data, with the seemingly complex methods that are required to do so, it might be easy to overlook the simple email—even though all hacker phishing expeditions start with a simple email.
It’s tempting to just ignore your email account—after all, you’ve had the same one f ... (full story)

How to implement technological change without stress

A recent edition of Law Technology Today brought up an interesting point: it can be very stressful to staff to have the office switching over to different technologies. Maybe the equipment is plug-and play, or the software changeover is easy, but that doesn’t mean that the people who are affected by the changes will be fans of ... (full story)