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How to make Facebook not so bad

Well, no you really can’t, but at least you can take these tips on making Facebook more private.
Of course, if your law office’s only website is Facebook, you may not be able to do most of these, but Fast Company recommends that you definitely take these privacy steps for your personal pages.
One. Look closely at ... (full story)

Smokeball: Practice management for small firms

Smokeball: Practice management for small firms<BR>

For whatever reason, I hadn’t run into practice management platform Smokeball (https://www.smokeball.com/) until a few days ago. But taking a look at the platform it certainly seems to be a valid offering for solos and small firms.
Smokeball, out of Chicago and Sydney, Australia, offers a cloud platform that includes automa ... (full story)

Standalone document assembly apps

Standalone document assembly apps <BR>

Document assembly capabilities come standard in most robust practice management programs like Rocket Matter, Clio, and MyCase (not to be confused with MySpace). But, of course, those are the most expensive ones, and so can be out of the price range of solo and small firms or attorneys who are just starting out.
But law practice i ... (full story)

RPA: We are the robots. We are here to help (your law practice)

RPA: We are the robots. We are here to help (your law practice)<BR>

Robots. Coming for you or coming to help?
The word robot actually means “servitude” or “slave” in Old Church Slavanic. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the term that describes automated processes that increase the efficiency of the enterprise. For attorneys, that would take the form of scheduling, billi ... (full story)

Safety tips for digital payments

Taking (and disbursing) payments digitally can be both a time and moneysaving process. This can be especially true for solo and small firms who don’t have a separate billing department.
But digital payments are, of course, online and come with all of the hazards of any online transactions.
The folks at Law Technology Tod ... (full story)