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Refining your firm Facebook presence

Technology for Lawyers

Published: July 23, 2021

Well, I haven’t written about law firm Facebook pages for a while.
So why not now?
Yes, Facebook is a mess. But it has almost 3 billion active users and there are uncountable millions who spend hours a day on the platform.
So if you are going to have a firm Facebook presence—and you should—here are a few tips to make that page work for you.
First of all, it should be obvious that a passive Facebook page isn’t doing you any good.
Setting up a page in a flurry of creativity one night and then ignoring it is worse than not having one.
So if you have a Facebook page, actively engage with it.
Pay for Facebook advertising. It isn’t that expensive, and can get you to a larger audience.
Use video. Record two-to-three minute (no more) on a topic you think people would want to watch. SEO the description of the video.
This is important—use Facebook’s native video platform. It rates higher than linking to YouTube or another platform. Use legal hashtags like #greatestdivorceattorneyintheuniverse or #suethebastards.
You can expand your audience (and client) base by posting your content to other Facebook pages (or other social media platforms). Of course, be careful about where you’re doing this.
Your page will also be rated for responsiveness, so make sure that you respond to every message and post on your post, even with just a thumbs up.
You don’t really want to sit on your Facebook page all the time, so schedule your posts. There is a scheduling feature that Facebook offers, or you can use something like Hootsuite or SmarterQueue to do it.
Client reviews (good ones) are one of the best ways to get the word out—whether they are on Facebook, Google or any other platform.
Request and post these. If you get a negative review, though, it is very important to respond to it immediately. But make sure to tamper down the anger or sarcasm here.
This is the opportunity to create clarity. Show that you are engaged with the process and care about your clients.