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Former Stow councilman vying for Clerk of Courts

Legal News Reporter

Published: April 2, 2021

During his 10 years on the Stow City Council, Republican Mike Rasor worked with other council members to increase government efficiency and reduce debt without raising taxes.
Now he’s announced his candidacy for Stow Municipal Clerk of Courts, with a promise to employ the same fiscally conservative measures to improve the office’s operations and services.
Rasor, who served as president of the council in 2016 and 2017, officially threw his hat into the ring at the beginning of February. He’s trying to unseat Democratic incumbent Amber Zibritosky, who was appointed to the position in March 2019 after her predecessor Diana Colavecchio resigned.
“The Stow clerk’s office is the worst run office in all of Summit County,” said Rasor, a corporate lawyer and partner at Cavitch Familo & Durkin Co. “It is extremely inefficient. Wait times make the BMV look like a turnstile. They have continued to receive more and more money from taxpayers and it only gets worse.
“Customer service should matter to government,” he said. “Residents should not have to give up their entire morning to get something done. They should be able to get in and out.
“I am running to bring organization and efficiency to the office. We must treat taxpayer dollars as our own.”
The Stow Clerk of Courts serves a six-year term and is the official recordkeeper for the more than 20,000 cases that are filed annually. The Clerk of Courts is also responsible for the receipt and proper disbursement of the court’s $7 million annual revenue as well as managing a staff of 20 deputy clerks and an annual budget of $1.2 million. 
The political parties hold primaries in May, but the candidates who are selected run without labels in the November general election.
It’s not the first time Rasor has made a bid for Clerk of Courts. Last year, he faced off against Democratic incumbent Sandra Kurt in the Summit County Clerk of Courts race, but failed to unseat her.
“This district is much more winnable for a Republican,” said Rasor.
The Stow native initially ran for office in 2009 when he was a 3L at The University of Akron School of Law. In addition to his coursework and campaign responsibilities, he also served as the editor-in-chief of the Akron Law Review.
He started his term on the council in 2010, the same year he graduated law school and became an associate at Cavitch Familo & Durkin Co.
“When I first took my seat on the council, the city had a huge debt problem and a growing deficit with no game plan to get a handle on either problem. By the time I left the council the debt had been reduced by 50% and services had been improved.”
Bryan Williams, chairman of the Summit County Republican Party said Rasor was selected to run on the ticket because of his excellent track record.
“Mike did well when he ran against Sandra Kurt last year, so when we needed someone to fill the ticket he immediately came to mind,” said Williams.
“The incumbent for this office is awful, which will be pointed out to voters. She runs the office poorly and the city and its judges deserve someone who can do much better.
“Mike Rasor is one of those rare attorneys who has outstanding administrative skills,” said Williams. “In his ten years on the Stow City Council, he helped rewrite the charter, manage the budget and put the city on strong financial footing.
“He is fiscally prudent and he knows how to ensure that the taxpayer gets the most for their dollars. He is an outstanding campaigner who loves to go door to door and meet with voters, which his opponent has not demonstrated a willingness to do.”
Rasor, who is unopposed in the May primary, is gearing up for the November election. He plans to hit the campaign trail once the weather breaks.
“As a resident of Stow, who is raising his family in this community, I can’t sit back and do nothing,” said Rasor. “I believe it’s my duty to try and make a difference.”