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Printing Industries of Ohio reorganizes

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Published: September 10, 2019

The Printing Industries of Ohio/ N.Kentucky has rebranded as it approaches 100 years in operation.

The company will re-brand as the Graphic Media Alliance and will continue to support members in the graphics and printing industry.

"We look forward to the next 100 years and what the new brand will bring," the organization stated when announcing the name change last week.

Graphics Media Alliance's origins began when the Printing Industry of Ohio wanted to influence sales tax legislation in the 1930s, according to its website.

There were five regional affiliated associations at one point that eventually started consolidation in the 1980s.

The Dayton and Cincinnati regional associations eventually merged to form the Printing Industries Association of Southern Ohio.

The Cleveland and Toledo associations would merge to form the Printing Industries of Northern Ohio.

"There was much cooperation among the regional Associations, and the subject of consolidation frequently was discussed," according to Graphics Media Alliance's website.

Regional association managers and their board of directors started pursuing such opportunities in 1990. They formed a reorganization committee with representatives from the regional associations and spearheaded by the Printing Industry of Ohio.

The committee worked for three years to develop the organizational structure and by-laws for a proposed printing association. Following presentations, the committee passed a resolution to recommend a merger.

All associations' membership ratified the recommendation. The Printing Industry Association of Northern Kentucky and Ohio became a unified association for printers and associate members in its aforementioned areas with a 21-member board of directors and the north, central and south regions guided by a local advisory council. The board had equal representation of all three regions.

Graphics Media Alliance lists 18 board members on its website. Each advisory council has anywhere from 18 to 19 members.

In 2009, Graphics Media Alliance would rebrand to Printing Industries of Ohio/ N. Kentucky to stay consistent with the national Printing Industries of America brand.

The Association is now a strong partnership of graphic arts companies and suppliers located throughout Ohio and northern Kentucky.

"The Association has dedicated itself to helping members improve and expand their businesses," the organization stated. "A broad spectrum of specialized services, educational programs, individual member partnerships, and legislative monitoring provides member companies with the guidance to plan for and attain profitable growth."

The association offers members education and training offers; legislative and regulatory lobbying efforts; and tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship for graphic communication students. It also distributes the Communicator magazine and a weekly e-newsletter for members.

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