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New Common Pleas Domestic Relations Assignments

Judge Paula C Giulitto

Friday, December 20, 2019

DR Courtroom 1

2017DR00120—Liston, Christopher David vs Liston, Alicia Marie. Langholz, Christopher D; Giannini, Matthew Carlo. Contested Court Trial.

Magistrate Timothy D Ludick

Friday, December 20, 2019

DR Courtroom 2

2019DR00158—Lee, Sarah vs Lee, isaac. Lee, Karen Elizabeth; Martin, Ronald Michael. Contested Court Trial.

2017DR00416—Ghahremani, Arash vs Ghahremani, Leanna. Aupperle, Kristopher K; Muster, Chandra M. Hearing on Motion(S.

2017DR00172—Bakhsh, Jameel vs Saig, Dua'a. Hoover, Tad O; Johnston, Heather R. Post Decree Motion Hearing.

2012DR00245—Popson, Adair L vs Popson, G Mitch. Ravis, Mary Anne; Lorenz, Peter. in Camera Interview with Child(Ren.

2010DR00211—McPeak, Amos W vs McPeak, Jennifer A. Lewis, Amanda J; Jones, Erik E. Hearing to Settle Judgment Entry.