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New Common Pleas Assignments

Judge Becky L Doherty

Friday, June 22, 2018

Courtroom #4

2009CR00652—State of Ohio vs Aguirre, Jamie. (..); Public Defender. Evidentiary Hearing.

Judge Laurie J Pittman

Friday, June 22, 2018

Courtroom #1

2018CR00490—State of Ohio vs Reynolds, Miranda M. (..); Public Defender. Arraignment.

2018CR00398—State of Ohio vs Rentas, Juan M. (..); Public Defender. Motion to Modify.

2018CR00177—State of Ohio vs Brown, Jeremy J. (..); Dailey, Michael D. Status Conference and Pretrial.

2017CR00774—State of Ohio vs Strazek, Robb S. (..); Public Defender. Motion to Modify.

2017CR00718—State of Ohio vs Maynard, Skye M. (..); Cardinal, Nicholas J. Motion to Revoke/Intervention in Lieu.

2017CR00237—State of Ohio vs Glover, Richard L. (..); Public Defender. Plea.

2016CR00332—State of Ohio vs (A) Dietry, Louis J. (..); Wells, Chris. Motion to Revoke.

2016CR00275—State of Ohio vs Bayless, Brandon J. (..); Public Defender. Status Hearing on Judicial Release.

2016CR00217D—State of Ohio vs Hawkins, William H. (..); Ray, Nathan A. Motion to Revoke.

2016CR00029—State of Ohio vs Oliver, David. (..); Pierce, Brian. Expungement Hearing.

2015CR00028—State of Ohio vs Verner, Emily C. (..); King, Dawn M. Motion to Revoke.

2014CR00861—State of Ohio vs Clemens, Nicholas S. (..); Hart, Timothy James. Status Hearing on Judicial Release.

Mediator Benito Cr Antognoli

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mediation Conference Room (308) Sams, Thomas M Plaintiff Leneghan, David M

2017CV00555—Sams, Thomas M; Sams, Jeanelle vs Lange, Gordon R; Lange, Kay E. Leneghan, David M; Graham, Wayne Eugene. Mediation Session.