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Deadlift and its variations

On occasion I highlight what I call “cornerstone” exercises––key exercises that belong in most all fitness programs. I’ll continue this trend today with a discussion of the deadlift, first explaining its significance, then detailing the correct protocol when performing it.
This exercise used to be as ... (full story)

Sordid Armstrong cycling era finally comes to end

The Lance Armstrong era of cycling finally has come to an end. The era began when Armstrong joined the professional cycling ranks in 1992 shortly after the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. It ended in 2018 in the small city of Lausanne, Switzerland.
On Wednesday, Oct. 24, the Court of Arbitration for Sport handed out ... (full story)

Marijuana legalization in Canada won't change NHL––yet

Marijuana legalization in Canada won't change NHL––yet

As Riley Cote took and delivered countless punches over more than a decade of junior and pro hockey, he was eager to avoid painkillers.
Early on, marijuana was touted to the enforcer as a healing option.
"I started noticing some therapeutic benefits," Cote said. "It helped me sleep, helped with my anxiety and ge ... (full story)

Talk of rule changes, Harper, Machado dominate offseason

Talk of rule changes, Harper, Machado dominate offseason

NEW YORK (AP) — The World Series was baseball 2018 in a microcosm.
Half the 44 runs scored by the champion Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers came across the plate on home runs. That's the second-highest percentage in baseball history, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, behind only last year's 57.4 percent.
There ... (full story)

Balance training and devices

Before I get down to business, I’d like to make this disclaimer: I gladly admit that I in no way represent or profit from the products I’ll be promoting in today’s column. Truth be told, I’m just a local coach who doesn’t even have a thimble’s worth of gumption - or interest - in hawking fitness p ... (full story)