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Green business practices, healthy food share close association

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Published: April 15, 2019

In the event a friend or associate suggests meeting at Portia's in Clintonville, make sure to get a little more detail.

Portia Yiamouyiannis seemingly has a finger in every pie in the strip of Indianola Avenue storefronts between East Weisheimer and Garden roads.

There's Portia's Cafe - a vegan eatery offering raw, organic and gluten-free wraps, salads and soups; Portia's Next Door - the adjacent coffee shop and deli with pastries, snacks, juices and smoothies; and Clintonville Natural Foods, a few doors down with an extensive herb and spice section and just about every vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO food available in retail.

A few blocks west, on North High Street, the entrepreneur is working on opening a new diner later this year in the space that once housed the iconic Whole World Natural Restaurant & Bakery.

The natural foods store has the look and feel of any small corner store. The door is often propped open on a nice day.

"In our cozy neighborhood store, you can enjoy our extensive herb and spice section, bulk nuts, seeds, dried fruits, beans, grains and flours, body care, vitamins and supplements, unique and trending groceries and prepared grab-and-go foods," the website boasts.

Yiamouyiannis is dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality, non-animal and non-gmo foods with special attention to gluten-free products and prepared goods.

"We take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease by offering a variety of alternative health products, counsel and dietary information that treat you and not your condition," the business promises. "We believe that you can only live your best life possible when your mind and body are completely healthy."

The business's preoccupation with food is a testament to the owner's belief that good food is the foundation of good health - physical, mental and spiritual.

Dishes at the cafe are created from the most delicious and satisfying foods available to the business, which uses the freshest, purest and healthiest ingredients.

The cafe's principles include sourcing food on the following bases:

• Vegan: We use no animal products in the production of our foods;

• Gluten-free: We only choose to use ingredients that are naturally gluten-free;

• GMO-free: We source our ingredients only from non-genetically engineered organisms;

• Organic: We source organic and chemical-free products and never use any dirty dozen ingredients;

• Local: We support our community of farmers by buying local whenever possible; and

• Made with Clean Water: We filter our water to remove fluoride, chlorine, volatile organic compounds and contaminants.

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